The Complete Guide to Creating Truly Authoritative Finance Content

June 29, 2022

The financial services industry needs to focus more on getting its content right than other industries. That's because it deals with sensitive topics like debt and savings that affect their consumer's quality of life. Being in the business of other people's money also means it is critical to establish yourself as an industry leader.

The solution to this is authority content. It has to be dependable, compliant, and human. Read on to find out more about creating truly authoritative content in the financial sector.

What is Authority Content?

Authority content is high-quality content that is important and relevant to your consumers. For starters, the content has to offer your readers better insight into any questions they might have. You also have to ensure it targets all the potential search phrases within your industry.

What qualifies content to be truly authoritative? Well, the content has to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Uncover new angles into a topic
  • Fulfill your audience's search query
  • Include accurate information with proper citation
  • Incorporate relevant statistics or visual and graphical data

Why Does Authoritative Content Matter in Finance?

Societal norms are changing thanks to the recent advancement in technology. More and more people are looking for personalized and easy ways to track their financial life. Most importantly, these consumers want credible advice from an industry leader.

Authoritative content helps businesses in the financial sector to build trust while showcasing their expertise. Consumers need to see that you are unbiased and solely concerned about sharing valuable knowledge. It goes a step further to show your audience that you care about their financial well-being.

How to Develop an Authoritative Tone in Your Content

Every content marketer will tell you that it can be tricky to nail down an authoritative tone – especially in the financial world. For starters, most people are skeptical about trusting anyone with money issues. Luckily, below are ways to help you develop an authoritative tone in your content:

Focus on Achieving Clarity

Your copy needs to be as precise as possible to achieve industry authority. Start by asking yourself if the purpose of your content fulfills your audience's needs. Your consumers mustn't leave your website feeling confused or overwhelmed. Therefore, ensure you avoid using overly confusing terminology.

Work towards creating engaging content that offers clear communication. Use bullet points, headings, lists, and highlighting to enhance your point. Also, do not shy away from offering add-ons such as FAQs and pro-tips.

Get Visual

Words alone will not cut it in the financial industry. Most of the time, you have to deal with interesting data such as percentages and statistics. Therefore, you have to find ways of using visual content to bring these stories to life.

For instance, the Financial Times includes entire sections dedicated to graphics and charts that help drive their point home. Today's consumers will also be more receptive when you use visual content such as infographics and video. It keeps your audience engaged while showcasing your deep knowledge of the subject.

Always Adhere to Your Brand Voice

Brand consistency in the financial services sector is critical in achieving content authority. Your audience needs to recognize that they are engaging with your content, regardless of the medium. Doing this helps create long-lasting trust that is key to developing consumer/brand relationships in the financial services industry.

Therefore, take your time to familiarize yourself with your brand's tone. Start by going through the values, personality, and style of your company. Understanding what you stand for is critical in ensuring you create authoritative content with the right tone.

Don't Forget to Humanize the Content

You need to generate content that speaks to your audience. Take a closer look at First Direct, for instance. They create web copy that ensures their consumers feel like they are talking to a friend. Using this tone ensures you build trust and motivate the audience to want to know more.

Always remember you are writing for real people – whether creating content for partners, consumers, or professionals. Therefore, keep the tone conversational but firm at all times. It will help you leave a long-lasting impression on your consumers while building stronger relationships.

Creating authoritative content in the financial services industry isn't as difficult as it seems. Start by following the tips above to generate first-class content that speaks to your audience. However, it will also help to find the right partner that can help you create better content. Therefore, you can stand out as an industry leader with a wider audience.

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