How to Become a Finance Thought Leader in 2022

February 8, 2022

Here's an interesting stat: B2B buyers spend roughly 1-3 hours each week consuming thought leadership content. Also, about 50% of B2B marketers believe that thought leadership improves their company's trustworthiness. That much is no longer in question -- finance thought leadership like op-eds, commentary, insightful webinars and even blog posts like this one can help both B2C and B2B organizations build a competitive advantage over others in their industries that yield greater differentiation, more effective lead gen and ongoing revenue growth.

That's why many entrepreneurs and executives aspire to be seen as "thought leaders" in their fields and to profit from the recognition that comes with it. For many, however, that aim remains elusive. Building a personal brand and gaining the kind of impact that makes one a thought leader takes a lot of regular effort, and many business owners just don't know how to accomplish it. With consistency, patience, and efforts, you can establish yourself as a reliable source of insight and knowledge in your sector.

What is thought leadership?

Yes, it's jargon. Yes, it can be annoying. But yes, it's also descriptive. A so-called thought leader is an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a specific field. It's also a segment of content marketing that is focused on creating, publishing and distributing high quality, engaging content for targeted audiences. Successful thought leadership combines content marketing, social media and more to improve your authority and influence. Most thought leaders are not only experts in their fields, but they are also enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with others to improve a company, organization or cause.

Thought leadership is also fast becoming the way that financial services professionals and companies differentiate themselves from the competition. LinkedIn is a key avenue for establishing yourself as a thought leader.

How to become a finance thought leader

Establishing yourself and/or your company as a thought leader unlocks numerous benefits that would otherwise be unavailable if you didn't have the necessary foundation that content marketing can provide.

As a known authority in the finance sector, you'll be able to leverage your value and useful information on sites other than your company's blog, for example. As your network expands, more people and businesses will naturally seek out your knowledge and skills. When your content is featured on a popular business website, for example, you have the opportunity to attract additional users and drive them back to your site.

Other advantages of this type of finance thought leadership include:

  • Gaining a competitive advantage through differentiation
  • Brand reinforcement that enables you to stand out through a unique selling proposition
  • Far reaching lead gen that brings prequalified prospects to you
  • Establishes a company voice that can be used across all marketing efforts

How do you create a finance thought leadership strategy?

One of the most effective business development strategies for professional service organizations is thought leadership, which is a powerful approach to giving significant value to others. The promise of thought leadership can only be realized when there is relevant content and effective delivery.  

Here are 13 steps to consider when creating a financial thought leadership strategy:

  1. Define your goals and align them to your strategy.
  2. Choose your target audience.
  3. Collect the existing thought leadership
  4. Determine the approach to use in the thought leadership program.
  5. Identify thought leaders.
  6. Nurture the thought leaders.
  7. Choose a management system for your content
  8. Design content formats
  9. Come up with an editorial agenda.
  10. Develop a marketing plan for your content
  11. Publish and manage your content
  12. Market internally
  13. Measure the impact of thought leadership in finance.

At Layup Content we help those working in financial services and fintech with their most important 21st-century need: standing out. With thought leadership campaigns based on our proven system, you can stand out from the crowd, gain authority, and get genuine results. Want to become a thought leader? Contact us to learn more.

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