Five Examples of Great Finance Content Marketing

March 1, 2022

According to 70% of financial service marketers, content marketing helps increase brand awareness. Another 61% credit it to traffic increases and better consumer relationships. Therefore, it is no surprise that industry-leading financial companies like FICO and Citigroup integrate content marketing as a vital part of their strategy.

However, many financial services firms are finding it difficult to fully leverage content marketing. For starters, 44% are struggling to compete favorably and 52% can't seem to reach the right audience. This means creating intriguing and relevant content to suit your audience isn't as simple as it seems.

Today, we're taking a look at financial content marketing. Including suitable types of content and the top five finance companies that are fully utilizing content marketing.

The Types of Content That Work in Finance

Are you finding it hard to create the right financial content for your audience? Well, below are the types of content you need to focus on to achieve excellent results.

Social Media

The average person spends about two and a half hours on social media daily. Therefore, you are missing out if you are not utilizing social media channels. Ensure you stay active on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook to position yourself as an industry leader.

Blog Posts

If you are looking to nurture your target audience and generate quality leads, blog posts are an excellent tool. For starters, blogging is relatively cheap and helps drive website traffic. You also get an organic way to improve SEO both locally and globally.


Did you know that consumers are more responsive to video content than text and images? According to recent research, 66% of people acknowledged short videos as more appealing when learning about a service or product. Since financial services include complex topics, video marketing is an excellent place to start.


Organic content marketing strategies cannot be completed without email marketing. It has a high ROI because you can use a CRM to track engagement and nurture current client relationships. However, ensure your emails include pointers on how your services can help prospects become more successful.


The passive nature of podcasts makes them easy to consume for the modern-day client. You can use this platform to showcase yourself as an industry leader. Invite experts and ensure you provide valuable information.


As stated earlier, the financial services industry is full of complex ideas. E-books are, therefore, an excellent medium for sharing information with your consumers. Ensure they serve as guides for individuals searching for answers to financial questions.

Five Finance Firms Getting Content  Right

High-quality content is critical to financial service marketing. An effective strategy ensures you can foster authenticity, improve brand awareness, and extend outreach. Below are the top five examples of excellent finance content marketing.

Goldman Sachs Insights

Experts and economists from Goldman Sachs share insights on how macro trends shape the global economy. Their easy-to-consume insights ensure the average consumer can best understand the corporate activity, markets, and the global economy. Visitors get to explore different series, listen to podcasts, read reports, and watch videos.

Andreessen Horowitz Editorial Content

Most people are looking to grow their wealth through investment projects. Andreessen Horowitz leverages this fact by providing accurate editorial content on understanding the financial future. It includes how tech is shaping the finance sector and how an individual can build on it. Lastly, there is an included a16z podcast that touches on similar topics.

Wells Fargo Stories

Connecting with current customers and new prospects comes down to providing valuable content. Wells Fargo stories provide meaningful articles on financial topics to help open doors for individuals, small businesses, and even larger corporations. Their blog posts are easy to digest and encompass diverse subjects within the community.  

Stripe Sessions

Payment developers, leaders, founders, and curious observers get to enjoy free conferences thanks to Stripe Sessions. It includes workshops and product talks where Stripe leaders share insights on upcoming Stripe products. Several external speakers also share their opinion on tech aspects shaping the financial world.

MasterCard's Priceless Surprises

The Priceless Surprises feature lets MasterCard's partners share smile-making or life-changing surprises with MasterCard cardholders. It is an effective content marketing strategy that increases engagement and customer loyalty. Who doesn't want to be surprised with a city trip, extra cash, or fitness and wellbeing advice?

Content marketing is an important marketing avenue for finance, and it can be great if done right. What you need is a team of experts to get you started on the right foot. Want to learn more about how a content marketing plan can attract new clients to your business? Contact us for a free content marketing audit.

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